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Grade Three Resources

** Updated September 2012 **

Waldorf Grade Three Resources

Essential Grade 3 (options for Old Testament, gardening/farming, Native American, measurement)
And There Was Light - Streit (Grade 3)*
Journey to the Promised Land - Streit (Grade 3)*
We Will Build a Temple - Streit (Grade 3 or 4)*

Teaching Practical Activities - Wilkinson (Grade 3)
Hütten von Kindern selbst gebaut - Espinassous (Grade 3 +)*
Wir bauen jetzt ein Haus - Wolk-Gerche (Grade 3 +)*
People at Work: The Builder - Ladybird book (English housebuilding/bricks) - (Grade 3)*
My Side of the Mountain - George (Grade 3+)*
On the Far Side of the Mountain - George (Grade 3+)

Soul Development Through Handwriting - Crebbin (Grades 3 or 4)
Sequoyah: The Cherokee Man Who Gave His People Writing - Silbert (Grade 3)

In the Three Sister's Garden - Dennee (Grade 3)
Native American Gardening: Stories, Projects and Recipes for Families - Caduto/Bruchac (Grade 3)*
Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories, Activities for Children - Caduto/Bruchac (Grade 3)
Indian Why Stories (Grade 2 or Grade 3)
Farmer Boy - Ingalls
Waldorf 3rd Grade Farming Block- Heirloom Seasons (Grade 3)**

Poems and Rhymes/Grammar
A Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme (Grades 1-8)*
Waldorf Book of Poetry (Grades 1-8)
An English Manual - Harrer (Grades 2-8)*
Mad Libs (Grades 3+)*

Making Math Meaningful - York (Grades 1-5)*
Math Lessons for Elementary Grades (Grades 1-5)*
The Man Who Counted - Tahan (Grades 3 +)
Childcraft: Mathemagic (measurement section) - (Grade 3)*

Waldorf Teacher's Companion to the Pentatonic Flute (Grade 2 +)
Folksongs for the Pentatonic Flute - Miles (Grade 3 +)
One for the Golden Sun: pentatonic songs (Grades 2 +)
Clump-a-Dump- and Snickle-Snack (Grades 2 +)
Music Through the Grades - Barnes (Grades 1-8)
Sing A Song of Seasons - Naturally You Can Sing
Beginning recorder books

Art Resources
Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools - Wildgruber (Grades 1-8)*
Elements of Grade 3 (main lesson book images) - Millenial Child / Eugene Schwartz (Grade 3)***
Form Drawing Grades 1-4 - Embery-Stine and Schuberth (Grades 1-4)*
Form Drawing - Niederhauser and Frohlich (Grades 1-5)
Inspiring Your Child's Education - David Darcy (Grades 1- 5)*
Creative Pathways - Auer (Grades 1-8)*
Will-Developed Intelligence - Mitchell (Grades 1-12)* 

Teach Me German
Fun with German - Cooper
Rosetta Stone
Assorted picture books

Teach Me Spanish
Fun with Spanish - Cooper
Cante, Cante, Elefante - Naturally You Can Sing
Rosetta Stone
Assorted picture books

Rhythms of Learning: Selected Lectures by Rudolf Steiner - Trostli (Grades K-12)*

Curriculum Guides
Millenial Child - Eugene Schwartz*
Path of Discovery - Fairman
Waldorf Without Walls - Barbara Dewey
Christopherus Publications (First Grade Syllabus; Curr. Overview)

*All of these resources have been very useful to me at one time or another, but these are my personal favorites. 

**Sometimes other homeschool blogs are the best resources.  Renee at Heirloom Seasons blog has captured this block in the most beautiful way I've seen yet.

***I cannot recommend this resource highly enough, especially for the housebuilding block.

Our Lessons and Resources
You can sift through my Grade 3 posts HERE.
For the older Gr. 3 posts, it gives you an option of clicking "older posts" at the bottom of the page.
Or if you're looking for something specific, please see the labels on my sidebar or use the search function at the top of the page.

Other places on the web
Chalkboard Drawing (images)
Waldorf Library (free e-books)
Waldorf Teacher's Gallery (images)
Waldorf Ideen Pool (images)
Baldwin Project / Main Lesson (free e-books)
Rudolf Steiner Audio
Rudolf Steiner Archive
Naturally You Can Sing (songbooks)
Waldorf Curriculum Chart (Grades 1-8)

My Favorite Unschooling Books

Learning All the Time - Holt
Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery - Albert
Free at Last: The Sudbury Valley School - Greenberg


  1. Jakob Streit's series of stories retold from the Old Testament is a most wonderful resource for storytelling. Both of my children enjoyed them immensely!

  2. Thanks so much for your 3rd-grade recommendations!!!

    I found 2 great Native American books by the same author ~~ one of the ones you recommended. But I have a question about the math book, The Man Who Counted...

    Does it include square roots and cubed numbers? It looked like it might but it was hard to tell from the table of contents.

    I appreciate your help! I'm new to Waldorf and deep into planning for the next year.


  3. "The Man Who Counted" is not a Waldorf text. It's just something I keep in my toolbox. It's full of great math stories, thinking stories, that span many levels (sq. roots and cubes are towards the end, magic squares are in the middle). Some of them I have used almost verbatim, others I have not. Whenever I need to get my creative math juices flowing, I turn to this book and it helps me see math as story and something to wonder about.

  4. Hmm.

    Yeah, I knew it wasn't Waldorf, but it seemed like a great way to introduce math concepts. OTOH, I have a Waldorf book for most of the 3rd grade curriculum.

    It's the square root and cube parts that seem a little weak.

    I don't know. I may give it a pass.


  5. Thank you for sharing this! After using Enki for grade 2, and Christopherus for grade 1, and Marsha Jonson's files for the early years, I am finally exploring the idea of putting together our own resources for grade 3.

    Resources like this one really help inspire me to do just that!

    Thanks you for all your work.


  6. Thanks for the sweet words. I'm so glad you feel inspired. :)


Thank you for taking the time to leave a message. I appreciate your sweet words so much!

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