Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saints six-patch

Remember when Sunburst decided she wanted to embroider her Saint's block for Grade 2? She finally picked out some fabric to bind them all together. She didn't want a separate binding color or anything, and she's very pleased with how it turned out. So am I!

We covered almost a dozen Saints for this block last year, and she chose to embroider her favorite six stories. She dictated the pictures, which I drew in pencil, and then she got busy embroidering them. She helped me cut the fabric and sew it up on the machine, and then began the slow process of hand-stitching the non-binding binding on the backside.

These are the Saints/Heroes, from clockwise: Elizabeth, St. Patrick, Finn MacCoul, St. Brigid, White Buffalo Woman, and St. Francis.

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