Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pocket change

4... days I have had a fever
4... people in this house currently coughing their brains out
4... days until Moonshine's birthday party
12... days until the moving company is here
5... actual boxes packed and ready to go on the boat
2... cats we found homes for
2... cats who still need homes
1... car not yet sold
21... days until we board the plane

I had a crazy dream the other night, before the fever hit, where my good friends were trying to turn an old friend from college into a vampire. I left their house and started walking, and the streets, buildings, and people kept morphing all around me until I found myself inside some kind of a stadium turned cafeteria/bar. I felt lost for a minute, but then I noticed that my dad was there. He joyfully called me over to his booth where he was playing poker with some older gentlemen. It was my dad's turn to ante-up, and he turned to me and reached into his pocket and pulled out some change and said, "Let's see what we have here."

I love these visits from the spirit world, even if I am dense half the time they occur. A few days later I got the message. He was showing me change. My life is rife with it right now. Duh. No wonder my immune system is functioning like a piece of old toast.

I've got 12 days to get over this flu and pare the sacred belongings of a family of five down to the size of a bathroom shower stall. I can do this, right?!
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