Sunday, April 23, 2006

Meet the Family

My original intent in setting up this blog was to share what we're doing as a homeschooling family. I've read so many inspirational and thoughtful things out there, and it seems right to give something back to this worldwide community of non-institutional learners. What an amazing medium we have available to us-- we can connect and share and inspire each other all over the world, easily and instantly. That's nuts, isn't it? And really, really cool.

I've been reading other homeschooling blogs for a while now, and I seem to find myself looking at each one for that one post that gives me the big picture: this is who we are and what we're about. I haven't had much luck finding posts like that; I always feel like I'm jumping right in to the small pictures, which for the most part are either interesting or inspiring. But if the truth be told, I'm a big picture person. I like to check out the scene, get background information, read all the directions, and then get my feet wet --I'm a wader. You'll never see me dive into the water head first or do cannonballs off the roof. Nope. I wade, that's what I do.

So if you're like me, wading in and looking for the big picture, here it is. This is the one thing I can claim to be an expert on: my family.

I'm Sara --that's my real name. If I was going to make it up, it would be something natural and plant-based, but no, this is the real deal. I'm a Virgo sun, Virgo rising --which means I'm pretty scary sometimes, especially if you're my spouse or child, but honestly, at least you'll always know where I stand: pretty much in the same spot, right where you left me. That doesn't mean I'm boring (I hope!) just stable and reliable and honest to a fault. Ok, and a bit of a perfectionist, too. I enjoy making things --knitting, sewing, gardening, cooking, that sort of thing. I have special place in my heart for old Volkswagons. I read a lot, think a lot, procrastinate a lot. Very normal me.

I'm married to "Einstein," not his real name, but this is my world and I can name him what I want. In reality, many folks actually call him that because he's got that same wild, wiry hair, and well, he's smart. He has lots of degrees and plays just about every instrument there is, and if he doesn't, give him ten minutes with it. Really. It's sickening. And even with all the degrees, he still can't figure out where the laundry hamper is... so there you go. He's the person I love, extraodinarily talented, and a great dad.

We have three children: "Sunburst," "Moonshine," and "Kitty Bill." (I figure it's safer to just use code names for my family, since you never know.) It has always been our intention to homeschool them, so they have never been to any school, preschool, or daycare. The oldest has taken some outside classes and such--we're very open to learning from others, just not school. Primarily what we're aiming to do is give our children what they need, when they need it. This means unschooling sometimes and guiding them other times. Everybody gets to help steer the ship: so far, so good. When I steer, it tends to be withWaldorf Education.

Sunburst is 7 and in first grade. She has always been our faster, higher, louder child --walking early and on the run ever since. She believes she's a cheetah (she runs fast on four legs,) and I have to remind her to stand upright and pretend to be human. She tells me she's a wild animal stuck inside a human body, and it's the pits. She loves to climb trees, build forts, read, sing, draw, knit, and annoy the neighbors. She loves all animals and creatures, has a heart of gold, and lead between her ears-- or at least it seems that way. She's really and truly a fearless child.

Moonshine is 4. She likes to think of herself as a princess or a baby duck. She's completely self-entertained, very focused, and great conversationalist. She's sweet and clever and she likes to wear dresses, sing songs, think about fairies, and tell grizzly stories. She's full of questions and quite polite. Sometimes she whines incessantly. And she screams. She once flipped her lid in a bookstore when her helium balloon got away... as I held her, helplessly trying to comfort her for however many endless minutes she needed while gaping crowds gathered around us, I was sure the windows were going to shatter. She may not look it, but she's a thing of immense power.

Kitty Bill is only 7 months old. He's a braw wee lad. He doesn't sleep much during the day, but maybe that has something to do with the noise level in our house when his sisters are awake. He likes to study things intently, and crawl, and stand up and let go and fall on his head. Definitely not a one-time learner.... We're still getting to know him, and his code name may change as his personality reveals itself more and more. For now, he's Kitty Bill, according to Moonshine. And I know better than to argue with her about it.

Tada! Now back to work.


  1. Sara, so nice to read about yourself, who you are and your family. I was born on the cusp, virgo libra, we share some similarities. My husband to is the einstein, and plays any instrument (hard for me) but he's always bumping into everything, knocking his head, breaking glasses. I guess he's got too much in his head - the farm has worked wonders for him. Your little sunburst sounds so much like Sasha, such energy, sweet with animals but always bugging - his favorite game is playing tiger - thats when my husband has to chase them around the house or garden pretending to catch them and eat them. We had a little volkswagon when I was younger. One of my teenage sweetheart's had one that I loved, I always thought I would go backpacking and traveling in one. I did the backpacking but without the car!

  2. Earthboysblog, sounds like we have a lot in common! :)


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