Saturday, September 09, 2006

U Can't Touch This!

I decided to take advantage of the cooler temperatures last week and did some weeding out in the yard. To my surprise, and dismay, I discovered some Poison Ivy. Some here, some there, some... everywhere! I took the kids over and gave them the poisonous plant tour, doing my best MC Hammer* impersonation:

Obviously I didn't spend my summer weeding. Nor my spring. Heck, it wasn't until recently that I even discovered what Poison Ivy looks like. I grew up in the Sonoran Desert, and I can identify a cactus a mile away (who can't?) If we were lucky we had a few blades of grass. Ivy, of any kind, didn't stand a chance in the parched desert.

I'm not in the desert anymore, and luckily the internet exists. With pictures. And you can learn about anything. I thought this lesson was important enough to share with the kids. It fits nicely in the Natural Science category, don't you think? Health sciences, too.

"Ring the bell, school's back inBreak it down...."

What does Poison Ivy look like?
You can't touch THIS!.... or THIS!... or THIS!

What will Poison Ivy do to me?
Check out the Posion Ivy RASH Hall of Fame.

Why does it make you itch? And can I wash it off?

Read the FAQ.

Test your knowledge. Take the Quiz.

So now comes the hard part. Removing the poison ivy. It's all over the place.
Can anybody loan me a goat?

*Me? Quoting MC Hammer?
You never can tell what I'll pull out of that magic hat. But look, Hammer's got a BLOG, too. It's a small world afterall...

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