Friday, November 09, 2007

T is for Time

This has been a busy, busy Autumn for us-- days full of bustling activity, happy faces and lovely weather juxtaposed with days of sick children and tantrums and well, just plain old life! There just hasn't been time enough (okay, and energy enough) to sit still long enough to nurture the blog muse.

We have been thoroughly enjoying Grade Three work-- focusing on the gardening aspects, telling stories, working on some lovely forms, and enjoying the offerings of the season. Here's just a little glimpse of some things we've been up to.

Apple and Pumpkin Picking.

Bringing in the last harvest from the garden-- basil, tomatoes, and such cute, tiny carrots! Not bad for our container garden.

Preserving- drying the herbs and freezing basil cubes.

Cutting-- oh how Kitty Bill insists on wielding a knife! Everyday he asks to cut mushrooms... it's a good thing we like mushrooms!

Scheming and Baking-- Vegan caramel apples and apple pie!


  1. Your pie looks very yummy. Nice post. Plus I like your new blog header photo. Hay!

  2. Vegan Caramel! How? Huh? do share a recipe or source for that one!

  3. If you click on Vegan Caramel in the text, it should take you to the recipe.

  4. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Mmm, your apple pie looks fabulous. It's one of our favorite pies. And someday, our orchard will actually produce enough apples for us to make a pie with. ;)


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