Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seasonal Lovelies

I recently ventured into the world of Waldorf voodoo books in German. There are so many fantastic Waldorfy craft books that haven't been translated into English yet. Yet? Surely, they'll come eventually. This one needs little translation anyway. It's simple enough to understand by looking at the pictures.

Mit farbegin Transparenten durch das Jahr

And the pictures are Lovely. I can't wait to make these for every season! Each one has an accompanying pattern for cutting out all the pieces. I suppose you would xerox the pattern page, but I just eyeballed it with a pencil, scissors and a paring knife. It's supposed to be made with transparency paper -- I don't know if they even carry this in the States, but as you can see, I made mine with colored tissue paper-- the kind you would use to make Rose Windows. It also calls for colored card-stock. I have looked high and low for card-stock in Switzerland to no avail. I finally found a small package (in white) at a Staples in England. We treat it like it's on the brink of extinction... this is sort of true. Anyway, I colored mine purple with oil pastels.

Here's what the pattern original looks like, plus a couple more samples from the book. I'm planning to bring at least one of the plant ones into Sunburst's botany lessons this spring.


  1. How lovely! Your result was absolutely perfect.

  2. OMG love this!!!! I have always adored silhouettes so I would love to have this book. Can you give your source to purchase german craft books?

  3. Since I'm in Europe, I order them from -- they have this book in particular. You can find some others on, but not this one. Google Translate works well enough to translate into English, if that helps. -- Good luck!

  4. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Beautiful book!! Have you considered having a small online store that helps source German Waldorf material for those of us in the states?

  5. Oh, I would make a lousy storekeeper, but thanks for the thought. Any one else want to take on Naturenest's idea, be sure to let us know. :-)


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