Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back from the dead

We've all had the flu now. Twice. Just when I think we're getting better one of us takes a turn for the worse. I don't know if it's swine flu or what... but I did hear they have shots available in Switzerland for this. Starting tomorrow.

We skipped Halloween because of illness. Very sad. But we managed to crack off a Dia de los Muertos altar honoring both our real and imagined dead. In honor of the Nanowrimo kick-off, many of my participating friends and family humored me by knocking off a character on the very first day. You guys are the stuff novel acknowledgment pages are made of!

Also back from the near dead is the baby cow. I swear this little guy is THE cutest cow I have ever seen. He's a baby Highland cow that was rescued after being abandoned in the field by his mother. He was doing extremely poorly at first, but I think he's getting stronger. In between illnesses we've been sneaking off to pet him.

Also back from the dead, Satyavan... Sunburst and I just finished up our Ancient India block today. It was so much fun, and I feel like we learned a lot. Pictures coming soon. But first I have 1600 words on my Nano-novel to catch up on. Updates on our Nano progress coming soon, too.


  1. Just want to say hi...wish you and your family a great Martinmas...and say that you have the most wonderful blog! Thanks!

  2. Aw, Aputsiaq, that's so sweet. Thanks! And a wonderful Martinmas to you, too!


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