Thursday, March 18, 2010

Word World... a world of words

Last week I posted about the struggles Moonshine has been having with school, and the struggles I have been having figuring out how to teach her. This week it's as if all of that is behind us. Moonshine is having a blast making words.

I dug up an old lesson idea I created for Sunburst-- Word Family Village. Moonshine remembered it well from helping Sunburst color in all the roads, and she was super pleased to be able to conjur up this world of her own accord. She's calling it Word World, which is really fun to say five times fast. I can't do it, and she loves that even more.

My dear friends in Wales happen to be also doing the word family block this week. While I was reading about her fun variation of it on her blog, here and here, I noticed a link to my old lesson... I had entirely forgotten that I had created a cute little story to go with it.

Sometimes I forget to read my own blog.

The greatest part of this lesson right now... baby silent e. With Moonshine's help he's causing a load of trouble. Can becomes cane. At becomes ate. It makes her giggle. (Of course sometimes he's not silent-- at becomes eat, etc.)

Kitty Bill got in on the fun, too... He made houses with doors so he could hide his little people inside them. Everything has got to have moving parts with this boy.

All in all, we're having a fantastic week!


  1. Just like the Explorer. The Explorer originally made stand up houses for the village but we found they didn't hold up to constant testing to see if the letter friends were welcome.

  2. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Seeing your blog makes me realize just little fun I incorporate into our homeschooling. *sigh*

    I'm glad you mentioned JB's blog (and there she is...LOL!). I was a follower of her old blog, but I don't know if she closed that one as I've not seen an update in a while.

  3. Another great project! I can't wait to try it with ds. Thanks!!!!!

  4. This is such a fun learning idea! How wonderful that you found just the thing to appeal to your daughter. My little guy who is nearly 5 is doing some speech therapy. He does enjoy the sessions but the approach they use which is mostly based around picture cards doesn't work so well with him and since we are following Waldorf delayed academics - he is no way near to recognising and working with letters in this way. He needs something more imaginative/play based. He loves playing with people figures. Your fantastic idea has really inspired me to come up with something of this nature to use with him. Really wonderful and thank you for the inspiration - I really needed it!

  5. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Just a thought, our girls both loved the silent e song from the Electric Company. We found it on youtube. Granted, we aren't much for a lot of media but somehow after a few days silent e was no longer a problem!

    Same with -ly words (adverbs)

    love the word world though !


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