Saturday, July 24, 2010

Viva Italia: Day 2 - Florence

Florence was amazing!!

We wandered into the city and stopped at the sweetest botanical gardens to enjoy the view.

There was so much to see here, including the fantastic marble cathedral. We parked and walked until our feet ached-- literally hours-- and left so much of the city unseen. It was gorgeous though. Sunburst was especially taken with the statues and the art students busily sketching them. Moonshine, meanwhile, kept stopping to smell the roses.


The golden door:

Statues galore. I especially love how the lion looks frightened that there is a pigeon on his head.

We walked along the river, soaking up the views there, before meandering along and discovering an little international bookshop. What a delight!! We left with our arms full of treasures-- including some materials for Grade 6 Ancient Rome lesson prep. Yay!

Next stop: Siena

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  1. Anonymous1:58 AM

    I loved Firenze! But that was 24 years ago, and my memory of it is fading, so I love that your photos bring me back. :)

    Congrats on scoring some homeschooling materials too!


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