Monday, September 06, 2010

The last two weeks

Fables and heroes - finishing up second grade work with Moonshine:


The Peacock and the Nightingale/Peacock and the Crow -- I combined the two, and they went together very nicely:

We all painted peacocks together, but Moonshine's came out the best.

The Sun and the Wind:

Studying the Greek gods and goddesses with Sunburst:

Oh, what a joy Ancient Greek mythology is! The timing really seems to be perfect for her-- I'm so glad we waited for fall and didn't try to cram it in before summer holidays.

We covered the whole set of Greek gods/goddesses. Not all of them made it on the chalkboard. All of them did make it onto paper. Here's just a little taste. The first one is mine, the next two are Sunburst's drawings. The poems were a joint effort.

Sometimes Kitty Bill comes and copies my drawings off the chalkboard. He's almost five. Here are his renderings of Hiawatha and Apollo... notice he didn't draw Artemis?!

With thoughts of a bow and arrow he made a short leap to Robin Hood. He made sure to write the name on the chalkboard because I had written Apollo's name. Sunburst wrote the letters down for him, as he requested, and then he copied them onto the board. Very cute.

We have these lovely, very simple Robin Hood readers from Rosie Earnshaw that we picked up for Moonshine in Sherwood Forest last summer. Can you see the striking resemblance to Kitty Bill's drawing?

With bows and arrows on his mind, Kitty Bill went outside and promptly made a set from branches he pulled off the tree. It worked, somewhat, so Sunburst rushed in and showed him how to make a proper bow and arrow set. Apparently you have to bend the branch as you tie the string on so it will stay taut. Between the two of them I have seen enough "arrows" whizzing through the house to last me a very long time. The phrase "not in the house" doesn't seem to register... I'm starting to think they don't speak English anymore. Perhaps they only speak warrior now?


  1. wow-- such beautiful drawings from all of you! I always looks forward to your posts:) they are always so inspirational and wonderful:)

  2. These are wonderful drawings, Sara.
    Have your recovered from your smoky house? That sounded pretty bad.

  3. Oh how beautiful and inspiring your artwork is Sara!

    It is fun seeing you do 2nd grade, and also great that you are doing the Greek myths ahead of us. I sure do need some practice with my chalkboard drawing...

    Your girls (and little Kitty Bill too of course) are such wonderful artists also!

  4. Thank you for the sweet comments, Bending Birches, Eva, and Renee.

    Eva, that's so kind of you to ask. I ended up with a terrible headache and fatigue for a few days. It was very strange! All better now, thankfully.


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