Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today's frog

It is turning into Wild Kingdom around here.

This big guy (or gal?) decided to come to breakfast this morning.  What a surprise to find a frog hopping around under the dining room table!  To our dismay, he did not ask to sit in our chair and eat out of our golden dish.  He didn't want to sleep in our beds, either.

We stared wide-eyed in bewilderment as he crossed the length of the room, and then Sunburst jumped up and grabbed him.  He was cold and clammy.  I expected that he'd struggle and jump out of her hands, but he just sat there.  Complacent.  As if he had done all this before.

However, the look on Sunburst's face assured me that she had never held a frog before.  She wrinkled up her nose waiting for me to grab the camera.  Both Moonshine and Kitty Bill refused to touch him.  There was no kissing, no confessions of unkept froggy promises.

Unless you're royalty, frogs don't just hop into your house by themselves.  Someone brought this frog in for some fun and games.  But who?

Oh yeah.


  1. Charlotte and Miriam bring me frogs and toads all the time, but I now tell them I will look at them outside and not indoors. I am afraid they will jump away and we will never find them again indoors! Ours do jump and they so fast! I think everybody here loves to hold frogs and toads, but they haven't tried kissing them!

    Wishing you some more wildlife adventures!

    1. Haha. Yes, I imagine finding them in the house weeks later wouldn't be so much fun. How lovely though that all of your children are interested in them. My youngest two are definitely more timid.

  2. I actually like that your kids have never tried to man-handle frogs in the wild before. :) It kind of bothers me when people constantly want to touch/pet/handle wildlife (you can imagine my reaction to those pet-a-stingray or whatever exhibits).

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    1. Though it's a source of experiential learning for the kids, I can see your point; it's probably not so much fun for the animals to be man-handled. Two of my kids seem to gravitate towards insects, the other one trees. I suppose the trees don't mind so much. ;)

  3. LOL! Yeah, trees don't mind too much unless you start yanking bits of leaves off, I guess. ;) I was reading yet another study that shows that plants communicate with each other (bringing to mind the Ents of LoTR) and I vowed to be more aware of mistreating them...if my addled brain can remember. Heh.


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