Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Love from Australia

Remember how I said I wanted to do more crafting this year?  A few weeks ago I signed up for the handmade Christmas ornament swap over on Natural Suburbia.

I had so much fun crafting this little Christmas gnome, and I was so delighted to discover that my swap partner was the very sweet and talented Aleta of Hinterland Mama.  Have you seen her blog?  She is always making the loveliest things.

She sent a gorgeous embroidered felt heart for our Christmas tree...

It went up on the nature table right away.

plus a gluten free cookbook and other goodies.

Crikey!  Why isn't my flash working?!

Swapping is kind of an adventure, don't you think?  You craft something for a complete stranger and then send it off into the world... and you never know what will happen.  It takes a bit of faith, a bit of hope, a bit of courage... and definitely a bit of love.

There's nothing like a little love from Down Under to warm a girl's heart.


  1. I love that you did this! You're the perfect person to do this, too...you make beautiful things and you also are so appreciative of what others create! Happy trading!

  2. What fun! The only swap I'm doing this year is a virtual cookie swap this year. If all my friends were as talented as you, I'd suggest doing an ornament swap. :)


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