Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Carpe diem

"So give your children your greatest gift: strive to become the person you always wanted to be."
--David H. Albert, from Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery
Sunburst has been making a list of all her great ideas. Every day it's something new, and I just can't keep up with them all. So I asked her to write them down, and one by one I'm helping her knock them off the list:
  • Play with cornstarch -check
  • Learn to jump rope - check
  • Knit ponchos for me and dolls
  • Learn to read sheet music
But what about me? My dear friend Moxy Jane asked me if I had done the same for myself. Goodness knows there are things I'd like to accomplish yet in this lifetime, various and sundry things that I forget or continuously push to the back of my plate, things that are mundane, or pipe dreams, or just plain overwhelming. I'm human, I can only do so much in a day... but why not?

Ok, I said, I'll do it... I'll write my own list. But I didn't, I pushed that list to the back of my plate and forgot about it. Good friends don't let you get away with that sort of thing. She pestered me about it again and again, until finally I'm doing it. She turned me onto this website where everyone is doing it. It's called 43 things, a place for anyone and everyone to share their goals and chart their progress.

It's not really a novel concept, is it? Anyone can make a list, but to make that list on a worldwide forum and share the energy and power of a group of people who are aspiring to their own dreams right along with you? That's huge! Small ideas like this can change the world, one act of random kindness at a time. One clean toilet at a time. It doesn't matter, it's all about striving and evolving and empowering ourselves and becoming. Making the impossible seem a little more possible.

I like that.

And it doesn't even matter what your goals are, really. Life is too short to NOT do this. For myself, for my children, for all the people that I love and have lost and will lose...

I have to try.

1 comment:

  1. You are WONDERFUL!

    I am so grateful for you and to you.

    It's an awesome, inspiring thing to connect to...just knowing that there's a world of people out there, dreaming and trying, and we're a part of that.

    No idea is too small!!!

    Much love,


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