Saturday, May 13, 2006

Making books

Sunburst is making another book. This one is called, "The Magic School Bus with Snakes."

She has been making books for about two years now, off and on, on a wide variety of subjects: storytime at the library, gymnastics class, birthday parties, Halloween... She goes through these heavy phases of book-making every few months, and yesterday she began again. She got out a pile of xerox paper, construction paper, and an assortment of colored pencils and spread them out all over Einstein's desk and set to work.

"Don't look, Mom." Ok, ok...

I found her a few minutes later sitting on the couch scanning the indices in several science and nature books. "Mom, it says that a ruhtuculah puhthen is the longest..." Huh?

"Reticulated python?" Yeah, that. Big ol' snake. Ginormous. Grows up to 33 feet long, she tells me, something like six bicycles end to end.

Whoa that's impressive, I say. Then she shows me her cover page with the snake bus. Apparently Joanna Cole and her illustrators haven't done this version yet. Cool idea, a snake bus. And she goes on to tell me all the interesting facts about snakes, and how if they were longer than 50 feet they would be too heavy to move themselves. Really.

This would be her first attempt at researching information for a book. So far, so good. She's already got the two most important pages finished: the cover page and the author notes.

"If you would like to learn about snakes, read the book."


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  2. Did she seen Totoro before drawing that snake bus? My 9 year old son thinks it's the COOLEST drawing. Which means he'll draw those instead of fire dragons for a while I hope.

  3. Thanks, Kestrel. I'm glad to hear your son likes the drawing. We have definitely seen Totoro, though I'm not sure if it was before or after. I would definitely ride a cat bus. A snake bus, however, I'm not so sure about.


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