Sunday, June 25, 2006

Celebrating Summer Solstice

It's hard to believe Summer Solstice is here already!

Today we spent the day with some other homeschooling families out in the woods celebrating this mid-point in the year-- standing around a blazing fire pit, thanking the sun for its gifts, meeting new folks, and going on an invigorating nature hike down a steep trail to a gorgeous waterfall.

The kids all got together and made their own "suns" on t-shirts with paint and their handprints. It was a such a simple but striking craft idea, and my girls were really elated with how their shirts turned out. As a bonus take-home, we also brought back some chigger bites and a lone, fat tick.

Solstice, thematically, is about letting go of the past and embracing the future. Making a fresh start. We do a bang up job of it around Winter Solstice, which falls roughly ten days before the New Year. But in the summertime? It's not necessarily the first thing that comes to my mind. Or is it, and I'm just not putting two and two together?

This past week I've been on a rampage-- moving furniture, dusting, decluttering our space, and yearning to paint the walls a bright sunshiny yellow. It's like a fire has been lit under me. I'm driven to finish up old projects in an attempt to clear my plate so that new ideas can come to fruition. Even Sunburst and Moonshine are sorting and bagging up old toys for donation. (Okay, so I've bribed them with $1/bag-- but even goodwill ambassadors come with a price tag.)

Out with the old, in with the new. It can be a daunting task, but you've got to start somewhere. Me? I'm starting by bidding adieu to that tick.

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  1. What a wonderful celebration! I love the sun shirts too. We had a nice gathering in our bosque here along the Rio Grande. It really sparked in me a desire to have more playdates in the woods rather than at parks with play equipment. We do both, but the free play of the kids was so much more enriched in the woods than it is on the slides.


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