Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Paper Friends

Yesterday the girls spent all morning playing with their tiny Ghanaian friends.

I printed them out from this site HERE, and the girls are having a blast. It's our warm-up to a project they're doing on Ghana for our local homeschool International Fair in March. They were so excited to start the project, and who am I to hold them back. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

Each doll has been named a traditional Ghanaian day name, which seems to have everything to do with the day of the week you are born, using this site HERE. We may decide to adopt our own Ghanaian names for a day. I've been checking out my options, and apparently as a Thursday child, I'm something akin to "a big rock in one's pocket." Is that a good thing?

We also spent some time crafting our own Flat Stanley dolls. Flat Sunburst and Flat Rosemary! are packed up and ready to travel. First stop: Moxy Jane's kids in Austin, Texas. I can hear them giggling in their envelope, giddy with anticipation.


  1. Sara, those dolls are wonderful! But I think you may have put one of your girls' names in your post by accident?

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Ha! Actually, Rosemary is one of Moonshine's alter-egos, along with Lavender, Abigail and Martha. She had a whole list of names for her flat doll, and her real name just didn't make the cut.

  3. Oh, and her true hair color didn't make the cut either. Moonshine is a brunette who dreams of having long, golden hair. --I'm a brunette as well, so I'm blaming it on the fairy tales.

  4. We're so thrilled to have Rosemary and Sunburst staying with us! So far, they're having a brilliant time...and loving the Texas sunshine!


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