Saturday, January 06, 2007

School Happens

"His hound at his heel,
His hawk on his wrist
A brave steed to carry him whither he list
And the blue sky over him."

Can you tell what we're working on?

We've jumped feet first into a new block to start off the New Year. Padriac Colum's The King of Ireland's Son. So far, we love it. We're entranced and addicted and on the edge of our seats. Treachery, enchanters, killing, magic, and true love. And we're only on page 30. We can't wait to hear what happens next. It's almost painful to stop and draw pictures and write little sentences to go along with them.

But we could both use the artistic outlet, so we're making an effort to go slow and build that anticipation. Strengthen the will and all of that. Have our cake and eat it, too.

Meanwhile Sunburst hasn't had her fill of the Anansi stories. She's been retelling her favorites to anyone who will listen, and then, she's reinacting them - sort of. All on her own. No prompting necessary. Let the grand trickery and scheming commence!

Last night I was highly absorbed in cooking dinner when I turned around to the stove and beheld this:

Yup. She got me. Anansi and the Tomato Soup.

The fun continues.


  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Hi Sara,

    So glad to see you're getting back into the rhythm of school and trickery! I can't wait until we do King of Ireland's Son next year. I'm seeing the trickster come through on occasion, so I think it will be fun. I hope your leg is better.

  2. This is great - the old spider on the pot handle. You'd have to peel me off of the ceiling.

    How's your leg, btw? I'm still feeling guilt from my twitching re-enactment....

  3. My leg still hurts, thanks. Though I don't think it's so much from your kicking me as it is from just trying to be up and active. Oh, and the physical therapy. Every time that woman touches my foot I feel like I want to cry for two days afterwards.

    But I must carry on despite the pain. There are spiders afoot.


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