Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Moonshine is FIVE!

Moonshine is five.
Hair to her knees.
Not really, but she begs it
Five today. Eyes alight.
She dreams of rescues by a knight
So shining. Shining!
It's such a shame that tomorrow
She'll be seventy-two.
Or Peter Pan.
She has it all memorized anyway.
Every word, every song.
She'll want you to sing along
And you will
drink the chocolate in her eyes
because she's so shining.

Moonshine, my life-is-about-the-details "middlest" child, turned five today. I was up all night sewing the dress just the way she wanted it. And of course the other dress for her doll Ella. It's a small thing, really, catering to her need for all the fancy details. She's still so incredibly dreamy and sweet I can't help myself.

So from sun-up to sundown it was a day fit for a fairy princess. Complete with waffles, wings, fairy books, flower garlands, and a cake that seemed to have grown right out of the ground! Imagine that!


  1. Oh, my goodness! How magical, how lovely, how perfectly Moonshine! It all makes me cry.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

  3. Happy birthday, fairy girl. Wow, it looks warm out!


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