Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blog safety?!!

A friend recently pointed out to me this post over at Islamic Homeschool Diary which links to this post over at Notes from the Trenches... and concerns the issue of Blog Safety. As in, how much information have you really given out on your blog? Enough for "bad people" to find your house? Recognize you or your children on the street?

Apparently this can happen. Easily. And it has given me something to think about.

Bear with me while I take a brief pause and go through my archives to do a little safety check.


  1. Im very careful about this! I have had my life threatened and my children threatened. Its not something to play around with thats for sure.

  2. I have always been so careful and just lately relaxed enough to put a photo of my child on my weblog. After reading this, I took it off again!

    There are several risks to internet blogging that people never think about. For example, a while ago a child's photo was copied from their parent's weblog and reposted at a public message forum where it could not be removed. Without the parent's knowledge or permission. And its not just from your own weblog that people can gather information about you. I've had someone track me through the internet, reading comments I've left at other people's sites, etc. It is wise to be cautious while at the same time not letting the baddies spoil for you all the wonderful experiences of the online community.

  3. Hmmm...so what sort of safety check did you do?

  4. Yeah, I've been relaxing my posts a bit lately, too.

    What I'm checking for are things like full/identifying facial shots, specific location information (type or photos), that sort of thing. The chances are pretty slim that we would be singled out-- the number of bloggers today is mind-boggling. But I'd rather be careful than not. KWIM?


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