Friday, June 01, 2007

How many?

How many babies does it take fall out of a grocery cart? run off in the store? disappear at the library? break into a glass cabinet? empty every cupboard in the kitchen? run in the street? thoroughly flood a bathroom and part of a hallway? break a thick, wooden safety gate? climb on a bar stool? pull everything off the counter? sneak into the paints? build forts on the couch? climb partway into the fish tank? fall out of the bed? topple out of the swing? scale the bunkbed? throw ear-shattering tantrums all week long?

Yeah, just one.

Einstein has been gone this week at a conference, and it's been all-mama-all-the-time. Unfortunately, Kitty Bill chose this week to catch a cold and simultaneously make some huge developmental leaps. I'm all for leaps, just not from anything higher than his knees. A little back-up here would be nice. Sleep, too, for that matter.

He's running me ragged.

Einstein, come home soon!


  1. I so recall those toddler years! Sending you restful vibes!

  2. Full on ear splitting ill times be gone!!

    Had my earful last week. Hey - how about a crash helmet - would that help??

  3. aaagh!
    well, he's got determination going on there.
    great quality.)

  4. I've tagged you at my blog if you want to play. Just ignore if not.)

  5. I like the picture and so does Bearcub!


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