Saturday, April 10, 2010

Way down here...

It was a quiet week here. A blah week. My Spring allergies are in full force, and I've had all the get-up and go of a large stone. So it seems kind of fitting that we spent most of it not soaring with the birds, but cruising the forest floor. What delights we discovered there!

Growing up in the desert, I was mesmerized by the magical beauty of the mosses. My enthusiasm for each little leaf paled in comparison to the kids delight when they discovered this moss-covered stump. They were sure this was the exact place where the fairies get married-- services down below and the dance hall reception on top. I can almost picture it.

While we were at it, we explored the lichens, too. They were hard to miss.

This little guy was hard to miss, too. He politely waited for me to snap a picture before he hopped out of sight.

Since we're in the midst of our botany studies, I asked Sunburst to collect a few specimens and put together a moss garden. It's just an old baking dish we've re-purposed with soil, moss, and other items--- bark, rocks, etc. I think it turned out pretty nice...

Sunburst has been poring over it with a magnifying glass. There's so much more to see when you have adequate lighting... there's a whole 'nother world in there! Such fun!!


  1. I have been mesmerized by all the vibrant green mosses and the lichens here in my corner of the world, too...I love the dish garden you all made. These "lowly" plants have a special magic all their own!

  2. My girls would have delighted over the mossy stump as well, me too! I always enjoy all the colors to be discovered in lichen. The forest floor is a nice place to get close to.
    Happy spring days to you!

  3. Our back yard has been full of the prettiest assortment of "weeds" - I've loved the wild meadow feel it has, now that we've just let it go to seed!

    Your greens are so lovely - I hope your allergies clear up soon!

    And that mossy stump is THE perfect place for fairy ceremonies! Just gorgeous!

  4. Anonymous3:48 AM

    We're a family of moss and lichen lovers too! ds#1 made us lug home a 5 lb (seriously) book on lichens from the library once. The moss garden is gorgeous; ds1 might be inspired to do one, but I'll have him keep it outdoors. ;)


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