Friday, May 21, 2010

Eye update

My eyes are still terribly sore, so I'm only popping in here for a second. But I wanted to say thanks for the kind comments and wishes and prayers. I really appreciate it so much!

I made it through my second round of tests, and they can't figure out what happened. I had the symptoms of a sudden retinal detachment or tear, if I understood him correctly. But after scads of testing, he doesn't see it. I've had some chronic twitching under my eye for the last few months, too, which is maybe related to eyestrain? Or rat allergies? Completely inconclusive results. If my symptoms continue they said the next step is an MRI.

I don't wear glasses, and if I did the prescription would be minimal. I had my eyes checked for my driver's license just last year and the doc shrugged and said, "Eh, maybe just don't drive at night."

Now that I've been in for the testing, my eyesight is awful. For three days now everything is blurry-- both near and far-- and my eyes ache. I can't handle bright lights or read or look at the computer screen for more than a few minutes or I get a splitting headache. I'm just walking around holding my head. I don't know if this is a reaction to the testing medicine or what, but it's really scary and confusing. And of course the doctor gave me a prescription for glasses at the end of my second appointment.

Today I took that prescription into an Optik to order glasses. They took one look at it and said my prescription was very strange and probably wrong. After I explained my symptoms and my normal eyesight, they said it was most assuredly wrong and strongly recommended I get a second opinion. So I will undergo more testing next week.

Meanwhile, life goes on in a very minimal fashion. Including homeschooling, or what I can see of it.


  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Oh goodness! I'm glad the folks at Optik told you to get a second opinion. I wish I could do more for you besides sending positive thought... xoxo

  2. I really hoped that you had some answers by now! I have problems with one of my eyes too, so I know how much it hurts...and how awefull it is not to be able to see things clearly...terrible! I do hope that you find a good doctor soon! Hugs from Denmark!!

  3. Sara, I do hope that you'll find a good doctor soon. We've had some strange experiences with eye doctors as well. Good luck.

  4. Oh Sara, I hope you start feeling better and have some answers very soon! I will have you in my thoughts. Sending love, Renee

  5. Sara, really holding you in my heart and hoping this all passes quickly. Sending healing energy.

  6. thinking of you, Sara. hope you get some answers soon!

  7. I hope your next doc can pinpoint this! It is way worse to not know what you're dealing with as the tests are extensive and you can't get much relief until they figure out what the problem is to correct it. My heart goes out to you, Sara. Please keep us in the loop and continued prayers are coming your way. Hugs Momma...

  8. Thanks for all the sweet words, friends! You have no idea how much I appreciate all your prayers, energy, and good thoughts! Thank you!


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