Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day surprises

It was a fantastic Mother's Day. The kids surprised me with the sweetest handmade gifts, and I was so tickled by them that I had to share.

Sunburst secretly knit a sea otter from the pattern in this book. She improvised a knit sweater for it and sewed a tiny card onto the front paws. So cute!

Moonshine carved a blue chaffinch with her very first pocket knife. And she only cut herself once doing it. Whew. It's so sweet!

And Kitty Bill, not to be left out, gave me a small cut-out doll of myself-- a mini-me! Sunburst helped him make clothes and glue the hair on, but the rest is all his hard work. The picture on the shirt is him, of course, where I keep him right next to my heart...

It was a lovely day-- the sun came out long enough for Einstein and I to build a small house for our tomato starts, and then it poured rain the rest of the long, lazy afternoon.


  1. The very best gifts...made with a lot of love! Lucky you to be a mother of such lovely children :O)))

  2. How sweet, I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

  3. These gifts are precious. We've been using "Knitting for Children" a lot. Great book!

  4. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I just fell off my chair...all your kids made wonderful gifts but Sunburst's knitted otter completely floored me! WOW!!

  5. Thanks, friends! :)

  6. What beautiful gifts to be treasured! Keep them safe.


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