Tuesday, June 01, 2010

For the love of books!

I have to admit, I am really enjoying this Saints/Heroes unit study so much more this time than I did with Sunburst. I feel like last time we only scraped the surface, and this time it's as if Moonshine and I have gotten to the heart of it. The stories are breathing inside us both... even Sunburst is curious to hear what we're doing and asking to be included. Even Kitty Bill is taking note of the emergent enthusiasm and confidence in Moonshine, and he is eager to mimic her drawings.

Here's Saint Columba, from Moonshine (8) and then Kitty Bill (4):

The love of books is something we can all really identify with, including Moonshine. After our study of Saint Columba she was seen at most hours of the day doing just this:

Prior to this she had read her way through the entire Cobblestone Cousins series, a few Magic Treehouse books, and at least one Secrets of Droon. But this... this tattered, old copy of Charlotte's Web? The size and heft of it made her feel quite mature, as if she had finally arrived at the wonderful world of book-reading. She finished it in about a week! And straight-away she put it back on the bookshelf and picked out another, just as big, and grinned like mad.


  1. A just finished Charlotte's web, too. :-)

    So what is your main saints and heroes inspiration this time around...bookwise? Do you have Stories of the Saints? I will definitely need something besides the Christopherus one. Most definitely.


  2. We loved our Saints and Heroes block, I'm sure Chloe will enjoy it again in a few years when we are doing it with Chessa.

    Have not read Charlotte's Web yet, we need to move slowly with those sad stories, though I am looking forward to it, such memories of my childhood. Chloe is loving book world too!

    I am so happy to hear that your eyes are improving!


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