Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun with friends

A couple of weeks ago our dear friends came to visit before their move back to the US. We'll miss having them almost in our time zone, but it sure was great to get to spend a huge chunk of time together before they headed home. Good memories, indeed!

Above and below, our picnic day at Interlaken, Switzerland. Beautiful views, cold water, and more paragliders than we could count!

Dads and kids enjoying the sparkly view:

And in Colmar, France having a lazy, Sunday walkabout:

Moonshine enjoyed the long conversations:

Sunburst and the boys dream of hats:

Yesterday our friends made it safely back home... to their new home, that is, in the states. We're wishing them all the best-- a quick and easy assimilation back into American culture and much laughter and love in their new home. We'll miss you!! Cheers, friends!!


  1. I enjoyed the photos so much! Thanks1

  2. Beautiful pictures! How good to spend times with your friends before their move.

  3. Anonymous2:10 AM

    I think they're glad to be back home safely too! ;) What a wonderful time you had together.

  4. We did have fun. I'm glad to be back to home, although it doesn't feel like home here just yet. (It will though, just takes time.)

    We sang a lot. I liked that.

  5. Sara - lovely pictures! I just gave you a Sunshine Award :D You can check out the details here:

    Thank you for all the inspiration, Momma!


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