Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hungering for Spring

We've been trying to adapt to the weather changes in our new environment.  It's not always easy.  Each time we move to a new site on the globe we find ourselves in a strange predicament.  Getting used to a new climate takes time.  A whole year in fact!  I find that once we make it through a complete cycle of the seasons, I can better predict what to expect.

No one expected the harsh, icy blast that came in early February for Candlemas.  Back on the farm in Switzerland we hear it got down to -23 C / -9 F.  It wasn't quite so bad here, but it was cold enough.  The kids were thrilled with the snowfall, but I ended up with chilblains on my chilblains.  My feet haven't been warm since October, and I found myself hungering for Spring much more than usual.

Here are the kids enjoying the February snowfall:


The snow has since melted, but despite the continual grey skies, spring appears to be coming.  Here are some signs of spring that have been popping up in our garden since the end of February.  What a difference a few weeks make!

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