Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring crafting

One of my goals for the year is to craft more, so earlier this year I joined a seasonal swap group.  I struggle to find enough time in the day as it is, but crafting brings me such joy, I knew I had to make time for it somehow.  A swap was the perfect answer.  There is nothing that motivates like a deadline.

For Candlemas I made a little child candle-bearer inspired by a Sulamith Wülfing image.  I even whittled a stick from the garden to make the candle.  My kids were so taken with it that they couldn't bear the thought of me sending it out into the world.  They hounded me until I made a second one to grace our own nature table.

With the candle-bearer, I sent a little postcard of the Wülfing print, some walnut candles, and a knit snowdrop to help urge spring along.  They arrived safely in Germany, and the following day I discovered the most delightful package on my doorstep:

It's a willow catkin child!  The kids and I were a bit breathless that someone would send us something so incredibly lovely.  And I love that she sent us a poem in German to go along with it.

For our Spring Swap I crafted this little gnome-- sort of a guardian of the birds.  He has already arrived at his new home in Canada.  He brought a spring painting, herbal tea, and a song along with him.

 Any day now there will be a package on my doorstep... and I can't even begin to imagine what will be inside.  The anticipation is almost as exciting as the crafting.


  1. Absolutely beautiful Sara!

    I would like to send you that pattern but I need an email address to send it to. Can you email me at

    <3 Felix-Marie

  2. I know what you mean by needing a deadline to motivate you. What a cool idea with the craft swap! Such adorableness too. :)

  3. Thank you, Felix-Marie and Teresa! :)

  4. Such beautiful crafting, Sara. I know what you mean about crafting. It takes me ages to get things done, to fit in the time. Your creations are really lovely. I love the willow catkin you received too.

  5. Thanks so much, Kelly.


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