Monday, March 19, 2012

Middle Ages

The kids and I are all down with colds, but I wanted to give you a little peek at some homeschooling from the past few months.

I thought I'd start with Sunburst.  We had so much fun studying the Middle Ages.  We're on a break from it now, but in a couple of weeks we'll go back and finish up our admiration of Gothic architecture and put the final touches on our maps.  We have big plans to create something special, and frankly I need the downtime to brainstorm a way to make it work.

We decided to incorporate a lot of illuminations in her main lesson book this time, and they turned out beautifully.  Lyra makes a metallic gold pencil which worked perfectly for this.  I simultaneously drew only a couple of the drawings with her this time, far fewer than I have in the past.  It's a sure sign that she's growing up.

For this lesson I pulled ideas mainly from the first half of Charles Kovac's Age of Discovery, various online resources, and Eugene Schwartz's grades 6 and 7 files.  As you can see, the artwork is still our gateway into learning.  Sunburst enjoyed mixing it up by drafting letters between the major characters, as well as trying her hand at different calligraphy styles.

As always, Sunburst would love to hear what you think.




  1. Beautiful main lesson pages - thank you Sunburst for sharing and inspiring! It gives us something to aim for as we work through Class 4 and think about all the interesting things still to come.

  2. Christine5:20 PM

    What beautiful work! My daughter and I just finished our Middle Ages block and are also using "Age of Discovery" for Renaissance and Reformation work now. We are really enjoying Kovacs' book.

  3. Cathy9:00 PM

    Wow. WOW!!!

    These pages are so beautiful. What a great deal of time, effort, attention to detail and love put into them. Really special. I particularly enjoyed the letters with cameo pictures.

  4. These are astonishingly beautiful. Certainly you will want to keep them as treasures forever.

  5. Thanks for such kind words, ladies. Sunburst is grinning from ear to ear with the compliments. She's looking forward to sharing the rest of her book with you.

  6. Sunburst, I am blown away! So, so impressive. Truly. Big hugs from us. xo

  7. Thanks so much, Cari. Your comments make her very happy. xo

  8. Really, really incredible! Sunburst this is so impressive.

  9. This is so gorgeous and inspiring! Thank you for sharing Sunburst. You are an inspiration to my daughter and to me!


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